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9. As soon as mail, telegrams and papers are received, Masi should give them to Jal Kerawalla in the mast ashram, and Jal should carry them and give to Baba.

10. Baba will not bathe the masts. This work will be done by the members of the mandali who have been personally instructed by Baba about this.

Baidul, Kaka, Eruch, Sidhu and Krishna were on duty in the mast ashram along with Pappa. Vishnu and Jangle would do the shopping for the ashram. Adi Sr., Ghani, Elizabeth and Norina were supervising the editing, printing and distributing of Meher Baba Journal, and Chhagan was keeping watch near Baba at night.

On Friday, 23 February 1940, Baba began fasting on weak tea, water, honey and lemon juice, staying in a hut in back of the Links, and working in seclusion with the masts. When Baba was in seclusion doing his internal work for half an hour each day, he issued strict orders that everyone was to be absolutely silent during this period. Consequently, all activities in the compound and bungalow came to a stop during that time, lest the slightest noise disturb Baba in his work. Baba's hut was near the women's residence. When he began his work each day, they would sit quietly on their mattresses, which were rolled out on the floor.

Five days later, on the 28th, Baba remained fasting but on only water, lemon juice and honey. (His stools were black.) The next day, the 29th, he remained on water alone. He came at 4:30 P.M. to see the women for a few minutes. He announced to them, "From tomorrow I continue fasting, but on orange juice and lettuce once a day for eleven days. By the 11th day, something sensational will happen. We leave on 1st April for Meherabad and will tour for a month along the way."

Baba broke his water fast at midnight that night. The next morning, 1 March 1940, Baba called the women to the mast ashram at 8:00 A.M. Each was told to wash her hands and carry an article from Baba's room. Baba had continued his practice of cleaning the masts' latrines, and Mehera showed her anxiety at Baba's working so tirelessly while fasting. Baba replied, "Fasting and working with the masts do not tire me, but I have been working internally very hard and have settled everything."

Baba was working with the 23 masts who had been brought from Meherabad, as well as with Chatti Baba and Phulwala, who had been brought to the Links during the Bangalore stay.

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