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"To show you that all this is a dream and only I am the Truth!" Baba replied.

"If all is a dream," she said, "Then why do you want to show it to us?"

"Without first seeing it, how will you know it is a dream? I want to show it to you as a dream. But in spite of my telling you that it is a dream, you want to stick to the dream and get more entangled in it. That is why I prevent you from doing so."

The highlight of their visit was the annual parade on Sunday, 22 October 1939, sponsored by the Maharaja of Mysore, who was a saintly person.  Separate arrangements were made for the Eastern women to view the parade from an enclosed balcony at the Unani Hospital. As Baba and the group were watching the parade at 4:00 P.M., Baba remarked, "The Maharaja of Mysore is very lucky I am watching his parade, but he will not live to see the next Dassera." The king died nine months later.

Baba and the party returned to Bangalore on the 23rd at 6:00 P.M. Upon their return Baba remarked, "I will now begin my work harder than I have ever done before."

Then he added, perhaps by way of explanation, "The whole world will be involved in war." Baba had been visiting the mandali at their quarters in the mornings and afternoons, but he then stopped coming in the morning. He had stopped his month-long fast on the 21st of October in Mysore.

Kharmen Masi arrived at this time with her sons Homi, Merwan and Sarosh. Kharmen Masi had been in Baba's contact since the early 1920s and her sons had been students at the Meher Ashram school. Following her husband Rustom Dinyar's death in 1938, Kharmen Masi, came to Bangalore, where Baba permitted her, Homi and Merwan to rejoin the ashram. (Sarosh was put in boarding school in Poona for a short time). Banumasi and her sons Dadi and Sam left for Bombay, after having stayed with Baba for a few months.

Deshmukh and Indu arrived on 24 October 1939, and stayed with Adi Sr. Two days later, Deshmukh left for Mysore with Padri, Pendu and Chanji to arrange a public meeting there. 

On 27 October 1939, Baba revealed, "From November 11th, for six months, there will be chaos among my followers, with lots of ups and downs, illnesses and doubts, even amongst the staunchest of them.

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