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The next day he said: "By the 21st, I will decide definitely whether it will be a long war. If so, it will be the greatest war in history. If not, then global revolutions will occur."

On 23 October, he revealed, "The whole world will be involved in the war."

Masaji, Ghani, Pendu, and Jangle moved to Bangalore, arriving by train on 6 October, with the remaining trunks, furniture, dispensary equipment, animals and other items from Meherabad. Padri, Adi Sr. and Dolly arrived by car on the 7th, along with Gopia, Dolly's cat. All the mandali came prepared to stay permanently in Bangalore, as Baba had announced he was establishing his headquarters there. During this period, Jamadar was told to stay and keep nightwatch on Meherabad Hill (along with Satya Mang), and Sarosh was instructed to visit Meherabad once a week to inspect if anyone had broken into the buildings and storerooms, now that all of the Meherabad residents were with Baba in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, Adi Sr. was given a separate bungalow at 7A Plain Street to stay in with his sister. Ramjoo arrived on the 10th, to apprise Baba of the current situation in Nasik concerning Freiny and Daulatmai. Freiny was willing to come to Bangalore and Daulatmai agreed to remain at Nasik. Baba instructed Adi Sr. to rent a separate bungalow for Freiny, and Baba went with him to select one.

Vishnu's cousin Vishwanath Haldankar wrote to Baba about a special mast in Belgaum, known as Phulwala (the Flower Man), because he liked to be adorned with flowers. Baba sent Pendu and Nilu to bring him. He was brought to Bangalore on the 10th, and kept in the mast ashram there. Baba liked this saintly mast very much, and commented to the mandali, "Look at Phulwala — with one slap, he could raise you in an instant to the sixth plane!"

At 2:00 P.M. the next day, Baba sat with Phulwala in a room at the mandali's bungalow. But after half an hour, the mast became restless, rushed out of the room, and began walking towards the gate. Baidul managed with difficulty to bring him back. "He is a good mast," Baba commented, "but he won't stay.

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