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Your letter did not come as a surprise
       but as an enterprise!
And with it the 100 rupee check
      came as the perfect prize!
And also with it came the hope that you will
      continue sending me from time to time
      such amounts of bigger size!
I will look after your health
And you look after my wealth!

On 2 July 1939, Savak Kotwal arrived at Meherabad and saw Baba. Ramjoo's son Dadu also had an interview the same day. Baba frequently visited Gulmai at Khushru Quarters and went to a movie at Sarosh Cinema. On 4 July, Gulmai wept before Baba and bitterly complained about having to live apart from him (in Ahmednagar rather than on Meherabad Hill, as she had done before) because of Shireenmai. When Baba went to see her a week later, on the 12th, and informed her that she would not be accompanying the group when they shifted from Meherabad, Gulmai was even more disappointed and said she wanted to commit suicide. Baba consoled her, emphasizing her spiritual connection with him, and commented, "Suffering is necessary when you are in this spiritual path."

Nilu arrived on 5 July from Poona with two pigs, and Jalbhai came the next day in an Austin. Baba visited Rahuri with many on the 7th to have dinner at Dhake's residence. Adi Jr. visited on 9 July and it was decided that he would remain in Poona, rather than Meherabad.

A college friend of Adi Sr. named Jamshed Ardeshir Irani met Baba at Meherabad on 13 July. Maneck Ranji came three days later, and Baba asked him to contribute towards the Universal Center plan, which he did.

One day Baba spoke to the women about war:

I, as Krishna, ordered Arjuna to kill. As Christ, I told Peter to give his other cheek to be slapped, but the truth underlying both is the same. Haven't people changed since then? People are not advanced, but they have changed.

The world now is going back to its barbarous attitude and so, over and over again, it is life's changes. But what Krishna teaches in the Gita is divine; it goes deep down. It says you can become God if you love me, follow me, surrender to me. There is no other way. Disciples must do as the Master orders — not imitate. Arjuna took up his bow willingly and obeyed, knowing with perfect knowledge that he was not killing.

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