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Adi Sr. returned to Meherabad on the 11th; Nusserwan Satha and Kaka Chinchorkar came on the 12th, and two days later, Baba went to see Gulmai at Khushru Quarters, and then to see a film at Sarosh Cinema. Rustom came from Nasik and saw Baba at Meherabad on 28 June. He stayed for two days and then returned to Nasik.

The number of residents at Meherabad having greatly increased with Baba's return, it was difficult for Vishnu alone to do all of the shopping for daily provisions at the bazaar, since he also had other duties. So an advertisement was placed in the newspapers to hire someone full-time to do the marketing. Applying for the job, Laxman Gangadhar Jangle, 24, showed up at Meherabad. Baba asked him, "What are you doing nowadays?"

"I've failed in the matric exam and am planning to take it again," Jangle said.

"If you want to come and work here, you will have no chance of studying further."

"If you give me the job, I will stay."

Baba hired the young man, and he and his family moved to Meherabad. Jangle had come seeking employment, but was inwardly drawn to the Master, and stayed in Meherabad thereafter assisting Vishnu and Sidhu with the marketing and doing other odd jobs.

During June 1939, Sarosh brought two English pigs to Meherabad from Poona as instructed by Baba. Baba named them Nutty and Gutty. Nilu arrived in Meherabad on 11 June with a wooden crate containing a gazelle, which they named Lily; a lamb named Meher, and a monkey named Lucky were also kept. In addition, there were parrots, blackbirds, serpents, rabbits, dogs, hens, ducks and two cows! The women mandali were like game-wardens and had to look after the menagerie from morning to night.

The story of how Lucky the monkey came to the ashram is interesting. Baba had sent word to a few scattered disciples that he wished to keep a pet monkey that "would respond to him." A few primates were sent, including an exceptional chimpanzee, but none was drawn to Baba. One day Savak Damania sent a crate from Bombay to lower Meherabad. It contained a monkey no bigger than a baby squirrel. Baba was called and, as was the usual procedure, he instructed the men to sit around the cage in a circle, with Baba among them, to see what happened when the cage was opened. Should the monkey jump into Baba's lap first, it would be the chosen one.

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