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1895NASIK & CANNES1937

At 11:30 Baba ate lunch in his room with the boy Gajanand, as he would always do during the trip. In the afternoon he sat surrounded by the Jessawala children and threw sweets to them — looking in one direction and throwing in another. At 1:30 he drove to Deshmukh's house. After an hour there, Pappa took Baba on a tour of Nagpur. They returned home at four o'clock and another darshan was held at seven that evening.

On 27 December, Baba again bathed the mad boy, who despite his mental affliction responded with happiness to Baba. After playing with the boy, Baba answered his mail and granted interviews.

In the afternoon Pappa drove Baba, Jal Kerawalla, Jalbhai and Norina to Dinesh Chordia's for tea. On the way, while passing a swimming pool, Baba humorously asked Jal Kerawalla, "Do you know how to swim?" Jal replied affirmatively. Baba continued, "Well, one day you will swim in the infinite ocean of love. I am that ocean of love."

Later, while passing the mansion of a foreign magnate, Baba remarked regarding the obvious ostentation, "Lust wants possessions. Love gives possessions."

A large public darshan was held in the evening at the Jessawalas' bungalow. Eruch had previously been connected with the Ramakrishna Ashram in Nagpur. The head swami of the ashram was Bhaskareshwar Ananda and he attended the darshan. A renowned saint with a large following named Tukdoji Maharaj also attended. Tukdoji sang heartfelt bhajans before Baba, and was gratified at having his darshan.

Swami Bhaskareshwar Ananda had come full of questions, but, being in Meher Baba's presence, he completely forgot what he had wanted to ask. He quietly sat by Baba, and tears began flowing from his eyes. He internally received the answers to his questions and his heart became full with divine love. Before leaving he remarked, "I have had Ramakrishna's darshan today!"

Hundreds came for Baba's darshan that evening, among whom was the wife of a prominent judge. Her guru had advised her, "Go to Nagpur for the darshan of the Kalanki Avatar!"  When she approached Baba, the woman cried out, "Kalanki Avatar! Kalanki Avatar!" Those who saw her were taken aback, wondering if she was a mastani — female mast. She threw herself at Baba's feet and exclaimed, "The object of my life is fulfilled today! I have had the darshan of the Kalanki Avatar!" The woman went away in tears, but they were tears of joy.

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