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1872NASIK & CANNES1937

Then, at the proper moment, I will root them all out, destroying the very seed that is the cause of all your questioning, so that it stops entirely!

Baba tried to give Seiber the opportunity of being with his group, (which, as Chanji noted, "is a special privilege granted to very, very few select ones"), but Seiber never did fit in. Baba had long talks with him, but it all had little effect on Seiber's mind. Baba remarked about him, "He is like an empty vessel which keeps throwing out whatever is placed in it!" Even after leaving Cannes, Seiber continued to question Baba's ways of working in subsequent letter after letter.

On 3 October 1937, another German came quite unexpectedly. His name was Joseph Sommerer of Munich. Sommerer held a doctorate in philosophy and had only heard of Baba three or four weeks before. He contacted Walter Mertens in Zurich and, when Sommerer learned that Baba was at Cannes, he immediately went there. Baba received him lovingly and permitted him to remain with the others for three days. Sommerer was deeply touched and felt that Baba had internally called him to Cannes.

Padri's mother Freiny Masi formerly lived in Poona and was closely associated with Babajan and would visit her daily. After Babajan passed away in 1931, Freiny Masi moved to Meherabad and lived a semi-cloistered life with her sister, Daulatmai, who was observing silence. Both were residing together in the Family Quarters.  On 28 September, a telegram from Padri was received: "Mother lingering hopelessly. Release her."

Baba cabled back, "Tell Daulatmai that Freiny Masi not suffering but coming to me." The following day, another telegram was received from Padri, conveying that Freiny Masi had died. Baba commented, "She is freed!" In accordance with Zoroastrian tradition, her body was taken to the Tower of Silence in Ahmednagar. She was 62 years old.

Baba held a meeting on Wednesday, 29 September 1937 with Norina, Elizabeth, Nonny, Ruano and Kitty to discuss their stay in Cannes, the expenditure thus far incurred, and generally to review the accounts. Baba commented, "My stay here depends on financial adjustments; otherwise, it is better for me to return to India. I would like to stay longer, but it is not good if our finances do not permit it." Money that was expected from Garrett Fort had not been received, and Fort was unable to come to Cannes himself due to lack of funds.

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