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1868NASIK & CANNES1937

On the 11th, the renowned French sculptor Victor Tuby and his wife visited Baba. Tuby, 49, was a nice man with a long white beard, who was living in Cannes. Baba liked him. Tuby and his wife returned for a second visit four days later, with the niece of the famous French poet Frédéric Mistral, whom Tuby greatly admired. 

Norina's sister, Ghita, left on the morning of 12 September 1937 for Italy, where she was employed, but she returned to Cannes a few weeks later. Baba instructed her to establish new contacts in Italy and renew old ones. "Try to draw people to me through articles in influential newspapers," he said, "to make them smell spirituality and arouse their curiosity to seek God — thus bringing them to me." This was an unusual order, Chanji observed, "as Baba always preferred seclusion and privacy. But he may be wanting to work up something in Italy," Chanji speculated.

That same day, Adi Jr. arrived at 5:30 P.M. from Genoa. Adi had not been eager to come to Europe. He knew well the stresses and strains of accompanying Baba from his previous travels, but Baba had sent him a telegram ordering him to come to France.

On 15 September, Alice Trau-Fisher of Vienna, along with her husband Victor, and her mother and father came to Cannes to see Baba. They were staying in Monte Carlo and came again twelve days later and one other time. Alice was a soprano in an opera company and loved Baba deeply. Despite having not seen Baba since Portofino, she had told many in Vienna about him. Alice invited Baba to visit Vienna, and surprisingly, Baba said he would visit there with a party of eleven and stay for ten days, from 7–17 January 1938. The Trau-Fishers were thrilled to hear this. Her parents did not speak a word of English, yet they wept when they met Baba. 

On the 16th, Baba came to Capo di Monte at 2:00 P.M. and stayed until 9:00 P.M. That day, he instructed Malcolm to stay in his room in solitude for six months, leaving only to use the bathroom. Malcolm was also put on silence and after ten days was told to fast.

On the 17th, the Western women were invited to Villa Caldana for supper and entertainments.

On 18 September, Baba was at Capo di Monte the whole day, from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, to celebrate the occasion of Ruano Bogislav's and Adi Jr.'s birthdays.  Someone pointed out that it was also Greta Garbo's birthday.

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