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1826NASIK & CANNES1937

Raising his hands toward the sky, Ghani recited the prayer in earnest and Baba, too, joined in. Thereafter, Baba laid Ghani on the bier which the mandali lifted on their shoulders. Baba urged Ghani to sing the song of the funeral procession very loudly. Ghani slowly chanted, "La ilaha illallah, Muhammad-e-Rasool Allah!" (There is no god but God, the all-merciful, and Muhammad is His Prophet!).

The bier was carried around the Rahuri ashram by the men and, when it was put down, Baba declared, "Now Ghani won't die as foreordained [on the 27th]."

Despite Baba's pleas, Ghani had broken his fast within six days and Baba remarked, "What am I to do now? I promised to give you powers and also to keep you alive! But now that you have not adhered to your promise, what is to be done? Had you earned much money, I would have been happy for I would have gotten half! For that reason I was helping you."

"Enough of this!" cried Ghani. "Had you really wanted to help me, I would not have passed through such horrible times. In fact, I really was about to die."

Baba gestured incredulously: "What are you saying? I was helping you!"

"I understand you now, Baba. You would never help in something like this. You are Perfect God and very, very shrewd! May God save one from a God like you!" 

Baba broke into a smile and laughed silently. Embracing Ghani, he gestured, "Don't worry, Professor Ughansi; I am always with you, and you are very dear to me." Such was the Master's humor. Baba then left for Nasik.

Sam Cohen, of Oceano, California, arrived in Bombay aboard the Conte Verde on 20 April 1937 and was met by Chanji and taken to Nasik the same evening. Malya Rudhyar returned from touring India the next day and began staying in room five of Sarzat.

Other close lovers from Europe such as Quentin Tod, Christine McNaughton, Anita de Caro, Mabel Ryan, Alfredo and Consuelo Sides and Ganna Walska were also to come and join the group at Meher Retreat in Nasik, and it was for them that Baba had proposed that additional quarters be built. 

The Westerners were still visiting Meherabad every two weeks, starting late at night to avoid traveling in the heat of the day. On one occasion, Rano, Margaret and one other person had sore throats.

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