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1810NASIK & CANNES1937

In the Ford: Elizabeth, the Eternal, drives; Norina, the Mama; Rano, the Universal Mind; Ruano, the Heavens; Nonny, the Beloved; Kitty, the Love; Canute and Kippy, the Nuisances.

In the Chevrolet: Pendu, the Great, to drive; Tom, the Lover; Malcolm, the Magazine; Jean, the Jewel; Mary, the Merry; Will, the Divine Will; Nadia, the Knower.

In the Opel: Baba, the Infinite; Adi Sr., the Alphabet, drives; Margaret, the Holy Spirit; Delia, the Champak [a flower]; and a boy [either Jalil or Bhagirath].

After this day visit to Meherabad, the group returned to Nasik late at night, via Rahuri, where Baba got down. Earlier that morning, Raosaheb saw an old woman loudly moaning outside their compound. When he and Jalbhai went to offer her some bread and tea, they saw that she had a huge gaping head wound filled with maggots. Seeing her agonizing suffering, Raosaheb became distraught. Baba was not at Rahuri then and he wasn't expected that day, but he suddenly arrived at seven o'clock in the evening. He asked Raosaheb why he looked so glum. Jalbhai told him about the old woman and Baba said to summon her. She had left, but was soon located and brought. Baba stood and embraced her tightly. He arranged for a bedding to be given her, told Nilu to give her a sleeping dose, and instructed Adi Sr. to take her to Ahmednagar the following day for further treatment. (She died shortly afterwards.)

Baba stayed in Rahuri for a few days and, as Dhake recorded, "Whenever Baba is here every one of us is pleased and all the work is done up-to-the mark. The mad ashramites also feel a kind of joy when Baba is here."

On 18 March 1937, Baba sent Garrett Fort to the Tiger Valley Cave in Panchgani to stay secluded for two days. Chanji went with him and left him at the cave. But when Fort inspected the cave, he was horrified by the thousands of black ants inside and spread insecticide to kill them. He was distraught to see the ants return at night, and his whole attention was focused on them rather than on contemplation of God. But when he did think of Baba, he felt protected.

Firmly set on leaving India, Garrett went from Panchgani to Meherabad to meet Baba on the 20th. At one point, Fort expressed his disappointment, saying, "I am returning empty-handed!"

What Fort meant was that he had not had any spiritual experiences. But Baba explained, "You are not returning empty-handed; you are going with my orders in your hands. You do not know what your time in India means. You will realize it all later. It is like a pregnant woman feeling all the time uncomfortable, uneasy, and restless with the burden of the child. But once she gives birth, she feels light, happy and free.

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