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1807NASIK & CANNES1937

How we need money! That is why Garrett goes to Hollywood. Not for the bungalow only; this we shall try somehow to manage. But later on, we will need lots of money for very great work. Only Garrett can make money quickly; I will push him. We cannot touch the Trust money for the bungalow, but whatever new building we build goes to the Trust. What greater service than to help with money when it is needed most!

This discussion about money was just a ploy on Baba's part. Fort thought money was important to Baba in his work, but it was not. At one point, Fort suggested sending $1,000 each month. After complaining about his mind being so sluggish and lacking in inspiration, Baba assured him, "I have an immense stock of inspiration and I will give some of it to you; after fourteen months you must come back to me here."

It was decided eventually to start building the bungalow in September 1937, after the monsoon rains had ceased and additional funds began arriving. Therefore, no new persons were to be allowed to come to India before December. Baba also wanted a bore-well dug so they no longer would need to boil their drinking water as they had been doing.

After the building project was settled, Baba explained to the group about different mental states:

Subconscious experiences, although on the same plane, vary. Some are mere dreams, some visions, some the foretelling of the spending of impressions — but even the subconscious can be hallucinated. This is very interesting.

Now what is hallucination? Let us not play with mere terms. Let us see whether you really understand. It is not a dream; it is like delusion. The difference can be understood by examples. You sit relaxed and in your mind pictures of your home, your mother, family come to your mind, and you speak to the pictures that you can bring before your mind. This is imagination. You imagine yourself being in America — talking, eating, et cetera; that is imagination. Now, in this imagination you think that you actually see your home, your mother, family, et cetera, and feel their presence. This is hallucination.

As another example, I once asked a man to fast for 40 days on water only. On the 14th day he saw strange things. He saw figures with ten heads and twelve hands speaking! He thought this was spiritual experience, but I assured him it was hallucination.

Now what is the difference between hallucination and spiritual experience?

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