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1770NASIK & CANNES1937

Mary: Weaving, spinning, sewing clothes for destitutes; also, painting and designing.

Nadine: Translating Baba's life and messages into Russian; helping Norina, Ruano and Mary as and when required.

Nonny: General typing and translating of Kitty's shorthand notes of Baba's discourses and explanations; one hour writing as instructed by Baba; helping everyone as and when she likes and can manage.

Norina: Supervision of the household affairs of the Western group; keep accounts of the Nasik side of the Trust.

Rano: Drawing and painting of spiritual themes as instructed by Baba; one hour dancing with Margaret.

Ruano: Supervising and conducting the departments of the bazaar (marketing), cooking and serving meals, and doing laundry for the whole group under Norina; looking after the birds brought from Marseilles (which had been brought from Meherabad and handed over to her care).

Tom: Helping everyone in manual labor whenever and wherever needed.

Will: Three hours attending to correspondence with European devotees to keep them in direct contact with all in India.

The magazine which Baba intended Garrett Fort and Malcolm Schloss to start was to be named Avatar. Referring to it, Baba remarked, "When the magazine is started, it must not stop and it must be very good. Garrett and Malcolm are to work on it together. I want it to continue being published for five years."

When Baba would visit Nasik once a week, he would ask Margaret to show him the dances she had been choreographing. Margaret commented later that he would always point out errors and suggest corrections that: "Only an artist perfect in his art would know, which thus shows Baba's perfection in all things."

Rano was painting under Baba's direction, and he was also very particular about overseeing her work. He would give her many points and figures to be incorporated into what was to become the Ten Circles painting, and she would make sketches and show them to Baba for his approval. Once during this period, Rano had a wonderful experience. She awoke one morning and saw Baba's face in a vision of dazzling light! The next day when she was alone with Baba, he turned to her and asked, "What were you dreaming of last night?" She described what she had seen.

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