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1752NASIK & CANNES1936

All possible arrangements have been made to make the physical life easy for you, and though it will not be a crown of thorns, it will not be a bed of roses either! You will be shown from time to time the three phases of my activities in the three different retreats: the modern — Nasik, the primitive — Rahuri, and the simple — Meherabad.

None of you must be afraid of anyone or anything. Whatever happens, you should be firm in your faith and not let the criticism of those who are against you upset you. If you surrender, do not then assert, "Baba must take care of my health ... Baba must look after my family ... I must not fall ill ... I must not die ... Members of my family must not die, either." These assertions would indicate lack of faith — the faith of a disciple in his Master whom he considers to be all-knowing, all-powerful. You can rely on me and leave it to me, but do not make it conditional.

Let me end by stressing the one and only thing that matters: Try to obey my instructions implicitly. Do not argue; just do as I say — and everything will be okay.

Garrett Fort's letter of 25 July 1936 is perhaps reflective of how happy everyone felt about Baba's decision to call them to India:

Baba, your letter forwarded to us by Norina brought much joy. To think that the time has come for all, worthy and unworthy, to take our places by your side and help with your great work is an occasion for the greatest possible happiness. Everything else in our daily lives fades into insignificance, and we will count the days between now and the time we will find ourselves being greeted by your loving smile ...

I come to you with a feeling of vast relief — like a child coming home from school. I want to stay with you for a long time, to cast aside the life I've known like old, worn-out garments and seek the revivifying inspiration of your teaching with the same attitude that I would accept the interval between incarnations. For this to me is an interval between incarnations — only they will be two incarnations while in the same body. The life I've known and lived up to this point, and the life I will know and live when the time comes for me to go forth again into the world as one of your workers.

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