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I see none, nor do I attend to external affairs except very urgent cases where my advice and help are extremely essential.

It is all for the great work I am doing in this seclusion, and if replies to all your letters take long, none should feel impatient, for you all know how I love you. Just remember dearest that, even from this seclusion, Baba knows how each dear feels, and looks to all the needs of each and helps all.

I am fully aware, dearest ones, how each of you await a letter from me and what it means to you. And I am writing to each of you individually soon. I am very happy that you have been so patient all this time, and I want you to have a little more patience, and just wait a little longer.

How closer this patient awaiting and the deep longing bring you all to me, you could hardly imagine, and I am indeed so glad to see your love grow deeper and more intense in spite of the long separation that is so unbearable as I alone know.

But we shall meet soon. Meanwhile, ALL MY LOVE.

For Christmas, Baba sent this telegram to those close ones in America and Europe:

My love for you beloved ones is as infinite and eternal as my divine existence.

Not all his correspondence, however, had such a sweet flavor. K. J. Dastur, who was living in Bombay, continued to pester Baba with pleas for money. Baba would send him some, taking his promissory note to repay the amount, but Dastur never did.

In addition, even though Baba remained in seclusion on Meherabad Hill, he was not free from dealing with the difficulties of his disciples. For example, Freiny and Daulatmai arrived unexpectedly by bus on 18 November 1935. Freiny created a scene by trying to force her way into the women's quarters on the hill, and had to be restrained by Adi Sr. and Vishnu. Rustom was summoned from Nasik, and he, Daulatmai, Freiny and Adi met with Baba at 10:00 A.M. the next morning to discuss what was to be done about her. Baba tried to encourage her to fulfill her household and child-rearing duties, and advised Daulatmai to keep Freiny at the Family Quarters at Meherabad, until she was ready to return to Nasik. Rustom left that afternoon.

To Adi Sr., Baba explained:

When the third eye opens, there is vision of the subtle. It is safe, and something one has achieved. This is the way I like it. But in the case of Freiny (and Dolly), she is in a muddled state of gross and subtle consciousness. She has no vision of the subtle. Just as one can feel the presence of a rose by smelling it without seeing it, Freiny feels the subtle and its bliss at times, but cannot see it. On the normal gross-consciousness level, she is likely to commit blunders and do anything, such as lustful actions, or make adverse comments about me. She becomes uncontrollable and is troublesome to me and for my work. Her state of her mind is Rustom's fault and due to reading books [she shouldn't read]. Gulmai is to blame for Dolly's condition.

Three days later, on the 22nd, Freiny refused to eat or drink anything, causing Baba to become very anxious about her in the midst of his important seclusion work.

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