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"I am in you all the time," Baba assured her.

Tullio Carminati, 40, another movie actor, came to see Baba that evening. He had performed on stage with Norina years before and, although she was now older, he remarked to Norina, "Why, you look so much better than you did before! It is really something quite different, something divine. I can clearly see it."

Pointing to Baba, Norina replied, "It is his divinity that you see in me. Just look at him and see for yourself."

As the film work developed, Mercedes was given the two stories and instructed to give them to Hurlbut also to read. Mercedes later agreed to work for Baba by writing the story continuity for a film in collaboration with Jean and Malcolm Schloss' friend Garrett Fort, who arrived in Hollywood and met Baba on the 6th. Garrett Fort, 35, was a well-known screenwriter who worked on such famous Hollywood films as Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Lost Patrol. Fort had been interested in spirituality since childhood and, having Meher Baba's contact during this period, he subsequently came to love the Master deeply. 

Baba, Jalbhai, Adi, Norina and Malcolm visited Fort's beach house on the 7th, where Baba's photo was taken.

After days of discussions and the Master's guidance, Baba expressed his intent to return to India. Those involved in the project were shocked and pleaded with him, "Your personal presence is necessary to inspire, guide and instruct us at every stage!"

Baba replied, "This picture may take months or even a year or more to produce, and I cannot stay here indefinitely. I have to see to my work, especially in the East and more particularly in India. This film project is a side-work, although it is important. That is why I came over all this distance in response to your requests and repeated cables to work with you and bring it to this practical stage.

"You work out the making of the film now as instructed, adhering mainly to the points and spiritual theme I have dictated. And wherever I am, I will always guide and help you internally. This is my work, and my guiding spirit will always enable you to tackle the difficult issues that may arise in this. So do not worry at all and proceed with it, everyone in cooperation, each in his or her individual way. Remember, I am always with you."

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