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Lord Meher

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The train halted in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 30 minutes at noon on the 17th. Baba's spelled "INDIAN" on the palm of his hand. He suddenly left his compartment with Ruano. The mandali followed them. Baba walked two blocks away from the station, arm-in-arm with Ruano. Then he spotted a small side street. Abruptly, he turned down it and continued on as if he knew exactly where he was headed. Ruano's only thought was that they were going to miss the train. Baba stopped when he noticed two Native American Indians (probably Navajo) standing on the corner. One was selling trinkets and he walked away as soon as Baba approached. The other Indian was a tall, fat man with a red bandanna tied around his head. He stayed exactly where he was. He and Baba then stood facing one another. Their eyes met, but no words were spoken. Baba then walked quickly back to the station and boarded the train.

Once on the train, Ruano narrated the incident to the others and Baba commented about the Indian, "He is one of my agents. He is the direct agent in charge of America." Baba later explained that he was an agent of the fourth plane — one of four in the world with subtle powers.

The train arrived in Pasadena, California on the morning of the 18th of December. Jean and Malcolm Schloss greeted Baba and his group at the train station. They drove to a rented house in Los Angeles at number 1840 Camino Palmero where Baba was to stay for three weeks.

Once settled in, Baba warned the group, "We should not spend more than is necessary on food, so arrange the meals in ways that they may not be costly." Rather than eating at restaurants, they hired a woman to do the cooking and Ruano began to manage the shopping. Baba wanted spinach every day and Ruano washed it herself before having it cooked.

After a lapse of two and a half years, Baba had returned to Hollywood; but his presence now was an absolute secret. His address was not publicized in the newspapers because this would have aroused many people seeking to meet him, causing the film work he had come for to be disrupted. During Baba's stay, daily meetings were held with Norina, Elizabeth, Vollmoeller, another writer, William A. Drake, Pascal and his friend, Hyman S. Kraft, a continuity writer, to discuss the films.

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