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On the last three mornings of their stay, they walked to Caso de Campo, a beautiful park. Some in the group had mentioned their desire to attend a bullfight, while others were not in favor of going to such a brutish affair. A bullfight was to be held at the Plaza de Toros on the afternoon of 29 October, and Baba surprisingly asked them to buy tickets. Those who wanted to go had told Baba that it would be a good opportunity to contact a large, typically Spanish crowd.

Watching as the first bull was killed, one of the women was overcome with fright and had to leave. Then one of the mandali, feeling ill at the brutal sight, had to go outside. In contrast, Baba seemed bored throughout and thought the whole ordeal childish. After the second bull was killed, Baba indicated that his work was accomplished and it was time to leave. He remarked, "Those two bulls were fortunate. They will incarnate next as human beings and rapidly advance on the Path, because they were killed in my presence."

In the evening they went to a German submarine film (Morgenrot) at the Cine Astoria.

They walked the next day to the highest hill which overlooked the city. Beneath an olive tree there, they sat on the ground around Baba. Baba instructed Norina, Quentin and Herbert on future work, informing them, "You all will be partners in my work." On this beautiful, sunlit hill, Baba discoursed to them about the mind, the soul and the individual.

Then, for the first time, he impressed upon Quentin and Herbert the meaning and depth of his mandali's obedience and of how they were unmindful of their own happiness in order to keep Baba pleased. He also told them of the God-intoxicated mast Mastan that he kept in India, and of his semi-divine state of mind. 

From 10:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. on Tuesday, 31 October 1933, their last day in Madrid, they went again to the park. Baba asked Chanji why he looked so depressed, but Chanji only grunted.

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