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They then went to the riverside Capitol Café, where Baba would sometimes place a lavish order for drinks or snacks and then suddenly get up, not touching them and leaving everyone to run after him. This tended to get on Herbert's nerves, in particular, because he financed part of Baba's trip and considered this an utter waste! He had not learned (and unfortunately never did) to accept the Master's ways.

On Friday, 27 October 1933, Baba visited the Prado, the national Spanish museum of painting and sculpture. For two hours, he looked at paintings of Jesus by El Greco, Velasquez, Goya and Rubens. This was perhaps the only occasion that Baba stayed and viewed an art gallery or museum for any length of time.

When he visited the royal palace (on the 28th), Baba was stopped by a guard who told him that he would not be allowed to enter unless he removed his hat. Baba refused to do so, because the beret concealed his long hair. Those with Baba (Herbert, Quentin and Minta) asked if they should stay with him or take a quick look around the palace since they were already there. Displeased that they did not know his pleasure (that they should always stay with him) but had to ask, Baba answered sharply, "Go!" Baba went outside and waited for them. By the time they returned, they had realized their mistake and Baba consoled them by telling them to forget it.

From 2:30 to 4:30 P.M. on the 27th, a meeting was held of the newly-formed Circle Editorial Committee. Herbert was appointed the director, Will Backett the secretary/treasurer and Norina also took an active role.  Its future publication work was discussed and instructions given for the printing and distribution of two small booklets: The Sayings of Shri Meher Baba and Shri Meher Baba: The Perfect Master — Questions and Answers (and its translation into German, French, Italian, Rumanian, Russian and Spanish). 

Quentin was in charge of the nightly entertainment and they would go each night to a different movie. That evening, Quentin took Baba to see a comedy, A Bedtime Story, at Madrid's finest movie theater, the Capitol, which had an orchestra and a revolving stage. Another night, Quentin took Baba to the Theater Españolto see Love of the Sorcerer, a ballet.

Baba would often say he wished to go to the movies to contact the spectators internally. Immediately after his work was over, he would get up and leave. Those who accompanied him had often become engrossed in the film's story but had no choice other than to leave with him. When Baba went anywhere or did anything, it was only for his spiritual work, and the various places and events were all his different mediums.

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