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Lord Meher

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At the hotel, Baba explained, "Madrid is the last place of my present visit to the West and I do not intend to return to the West for another year. Hence, I have much work to do before I leave."

He repeated, "It is due to my special working that people's attention is attracted toward me everywhere I go. I worked intensely this morning, standing for ten minutes in the very big, busy square, while Quentin and Norina were inquiring about certain information that I sent them to gather. All the while, one very old man was intensely gazing at me."

The next morning, Baba was quite upset when he was not able to get hot water on time for a bath. He called Herbert, who had made the arrangements, and rebuked him severely, "I cannot work here! I will leave for Marseilles. I have never been able to have an early-morning hot bath in the West!" All wondered why Baba was scolding Herbert, as Baba himself had chosen to stay at this hotel over another one.

He ordered Herbert and Norina, "Go and see the travel agent and demand that we change hotels." Upon contacting the Pickford agent, it was learned that, due to some mix-up, they were staying in the very hotel that Baba had rejected. Only then could they understand why Baba had been upset.

At noon they shifted to the Gran Hotel Londres, at Galdo Number 2, and it proved to be ideal. Baba's room overlooked the Puerta del Sol. But he soon began complaining that there was not enough garlic and pepper in the food. This was Norina's area of responsibility and she became frantic as she ran up and down three flights of stairs to the kitchen before every meal to ensure there was plenty of garlic in the food. The staff must have thought her somewhat eccentric, but the very reason Baba complained was to draw the hotel staff's attention to him. His work was unique and he would have his purpose served under any pretext.

Baba would placate Norina, spelling out to her, "Don't worry ... don't be upset." But whenever Baba reprimanded her, she felt like someone was sticking a pin in her while saying, "Now, do not mind this ... I am not hurting you!"

In the evening Baba went to hear beautiful Spanish music, and he also saw the exquisitely artistic and charming dancing of La Argentinita, a renowned Spanish dancer.

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