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On 20 October, Elizabeth departed for New York. Talk of Baba's departure began, and Baba made Nonny, Rano and Ruano promise to come to India for his birthday in February. The feelings of the approaching separation began — the onset of depression as they counted the remaining hours with the Beloved and experienced the longing to be near him always.

Baba sat with his close ones in the sitting room several times chatting with them for a while and listening to a few songs. After his lovers tasted the divine wine that he poured into their hearts, Chanji noted in his diary, a period ensued of "blissful silence that spoke volumes. Could heaven itself be more blissful? Ask of those that felt and tasted his divine thrills ... The Shepherd and his lambs. Did history really repeat itself?"

On the 21st, Akbar Hyderi came to Hygeia House and took Baba to the nursing home where his son was recuperating from surgery. After he comforted the Hyderis, Baba visited the homes of other lovers on his return, meeting with each one and giving attention to their needs.

Tom Sharpley also came to see Baba that day. Several days earlier he had brought his brother Jack to meet Baba.

Ivor Novello had invited Baba to Proscenium, a comedy in which he had a part. That evening Baba went with his group to see the play at the Globe Theater, and Novello gave Baba the box seats usually reserved for royalty. Honored by his presence, the entire cast bowed to Baba at the end of the show and Novello went to the box to receive Baba's embrace. Afterward, Novello introduced the actresses Zena Dare and her younger sister Phyllis to Baba, and extended a cordial invitation to stay at his country house whenever Baba was back in England. 

This was Baba's last night in London. When the group returned to Hygeia House, they all joined him in the sitting room in sacred silence for what Baba called "the filling in."

During this visit to England, Baba had again mentioned breaking his silence and the Western devotees in their earnestness had rented a large hall for the event. That night, Baba explained to them, "I find that you all understand me much better this time. I am so pleased with you all. You have all drawn closer to me and have better understood my ways of working.

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