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Earlier that morning at 10:00 A.M., the Maharani of Indore had come with her secretary to see Baba for about fifteen minutes. Baba was dressed in a sadra at the time and his long hair was down. Baba informed the queen, "This is my customary dress. It is the clothing I wear in front of those who come to know me. To those who take me for a foreigner, I become a foreigner. I did not wish to meet you as a foreigner, so it is good that you have come today. Do I not look like a fellow countryman now?"

The maharani laughed, and Baba continued by dictating a discourse:

Everything depends on the mind. The mind feeds on happiness and misery. The world is really a dream. Happiness and sorrow are plays of the mind; there is no substance in either. In fact, the mind exists to endeavor to see God, but it leaves this aside and becomes caught up in the world. "I want this! I want that!" it shouts. The mind gets one entangled in maya and thereby increases desires. No sooner is one desire satisfied than another is there ready to be satisfied. Thus, one after another, desires increase without limit and they never bring freedom to anyone.

So the man who has control over the mind possesses the whole universe. He has no use for happiness, suffering, health, wealth or anything else. He is beyond all that.

The maharani was satisfied with Baba's discourse and left. Shortly thereafter, Uday Shankar arrived to talk about his dance programs. Baba remarked to him, "One day, perhaps in Chicago, I shall give you darshan."

The boat stopped in Brindisi, Italy, at 9:30 A.M. on the 5th and left port two hours later. That afternoon, Mr. Munshi came at 4:30 for ten minutes. Thereafter, Akbar and Lady Hyderi saw Baba at five o'clock; he comforted them again and urged them not to worry about their son.

Baba and the mandali arrived in Venice at nine o'clock on the morning of Friday, 6 October 1933. Enid Corfe, Kitty and Minta came to welcome them, along with an Englishman named Bill Precey who had previously met Baba in London. Baba proceeded from the pier to the Hotel International, where the group stayed. After lunch, they went for a walk to St. Mark's Square.

Early the next morning, Baba, accompanied by all, returned to St. Mark's Square which he quietly circumambulated. They then went to the train station at 10:00 A.M. Just as they were about to board a train, and with half the luggage already loaded, Baba turned to Kitty and asked, "Do you have our passports?"

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