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Baba explained about the three types of faith.

Hyderi said, "Turn me toward the second stage where I can feel and experience God!"

Baba assured him of help, replying, "I will send you instructions for this tomorrow." Hyderi requested that Baba give an appointment to his wife, as she also would be pleased to meet him. Baba indicated that the following day at 5:00 P.M. would be suitable. Hyderi left with his spirit greatly uplifted. Baba liked the old man very much; he was genuinely interested in spirituality, a trait Baba always appreciated. Baba also liked it that he was humble, despite his high government position.

That same day, 28 September, the celebrated Indian dancer Uday Shankar, 33, came to see Baba. He had found out about Baba in Europe through the Swiss sculptress and art historian Alice Boner, who had been to India with Shankar four years before and was defraying the expenses of the visit of Shankar's dance troupe to the West. While in Europe, Norina, Elizabeth and Quentin had met Uday Shankar and had spoken to him of their Master. 

Uday Shankar bowed reverently to Baba, who praised him and expressed appreciation for his talent. He told Baba, "I want to introduce and spread Indian classical dance to the West, but some organizations in India criticize me. They want money from me for their institutions, organizations and societies, but I have no money to give them."

Baba spelled out on his board, "Every good work has to face opposition, and the reaction of the opposition offered always helps the work. You need not worry; continue conscientiously with your work, with double the zeal in the right direction."

Shankar then said, "Baba, I would like to give a dance performance for you one day."

Baba replied, "I would be delighted to see it."

Shankar was extremely happy to have Baba's darshan, but Baba cautioned him before they parted, "Do not inform anyone on the ship about me, as I do not wish to meet anybody. See me before disembarking in Brindisi."

That night, cables were received from Norina and Graham Stokes in New York, and Kitty in London, saying that the majority of delegates attending the All Faiths Conference in Chicago had left and it was about to end. This news made Baba feel relieved, as he was never keen to participate in the conference.

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