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But I will not do that with you. I will make it very simple. For the first fifteen days, sit aloof and alone for five minutes every day; let the thoughts come and go for two minutes without trying to check them; then think of me for three minutes. Do this for fifteen days and then stop for fifteen days. Then do it again for fifteen days and again stop for fifteen days, and so on. If you do as I tell you, you will not only understand, but feel it wholly, inwardly.

Plans having been finalized for his next trip to Europe, Baba left Nasik for Bombay on Saturday, 23 September 1933. He was interviewed the next night in Dadar by newspaper reporters. On the 25th, Baba sailed for Europe on the MV Conte Verde, accompanied this time by Adi Jr., Chanji, and Kaka. It was his sixth foreign trip in two years.

Baba had a comfortable cabin and took walks on the deck for an hour in the morning and again for an hour in the afternoon, remaining in his cabin for the rest of the time. According to his instructions, no one on board the ship was informed of his presence. Nevertheless, after two days at sea, on the evening of 27 September while Baba was discussing matters with the mandali after dinner, there was a knock at the cabin door at 9:00 P.M. Chanji opened it, and stepped out to find a very dignified looking older man standing in the hallway. Introducing himself, the gentleman said, "I am Sir Akbar Hyderi and I wish to see Meher Baba tomorrow morning if he will allow me to visit for a few minutes. May I know what time will be convenient for him?"

Chanji went inside to inform Baba, who instructed, "Tell him that, though I am not seeing anyone during the voyage, I will see him for five minutes tomorrow morning at ten."

Chanji accordingly informed the old man who seemed very pleased, saying that he had heard much about Meher Baba and had longed for an opportunity to meet him. Akbar Hyderi, 64, was the Dewan of Hyderabad, an important government official (similar to a chief minister).  He came the next morning to meet Baba, who was pleased to see him. After the usual introductions and pleasantries, the conversation turned to spirituality.

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