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Lord Meher

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Signor Pavese was nicknamed by Baba the Wet Hen because of his hopeless ways.

On the way back, an accident was again narrowly averted on a mountain road as a car came speeding at them from the opposite direction. They would have collided head-on were it not for Baba's nazar, which made both cars come to a sudden halt only two feet apart. Signor Pavese was terrified by the near accident but, with encouragement from Baba, again took the wheel and drove on.

At five o'clock in the morning on 8 August, they reached Florence. After having tea at a hotel, Baba indicated, "I want to find the place where Saint Francis had his vision of Christ beside a spring." Baba called for a map and pointing out a spot on it, indicated to them, "I wish to proceed to the village of Borgunto."

Pavese was tired from having driven all night and was told to stay behind and rest. After hiring a taxi, Baba, Kaka, Chanji, Herbert and Quentin drove to Borgunto and arrived at 10:00 A.M. Getting out of the taxi, Baba made his way with rapid strides up a high hill as if he were familiar with the terrain and knew exactly where to go. The mount was called Monte Ceceri and the city of Florence was visible from the summit. From the crest of the hill, Baba pointed to a spot and instructed Herbert, "You will have to return here to stay for five days after I leave for India."

Turning around, Baba pointed to a different spot and revealed, "In the time of Saint Francis, there was a spring there. Search until you find it."

The group then walked back to the car. After descending the hill, a search was made for a suitable place for Herbert to stay. As they were about to get back in the car, an old man came out of a nearby villa. Baba sent Quentin over to speak with him and surprisingly enough, as informed by the old man, the villa was for rent. It was called Villa Alpine. Baba went inside and, after looking it over, approved it, and arrangements were made for Herbert to stay there for five days after Baba departed Europe. Soon after, Baba and the men returned directly to Florence. 

They left in Pavese's car for Santa Margherita and reached there at 7:30 that night.

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