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Lord Meher

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Marc's sister, Helen, was also of great help in keeping up with Baba's busy schedule. A large group followed to see Baba off. Baba boarded the Monterey, which was on its maiden voyage, and set out for Honolulu at eleven o'clock that night.

Baba shared his cabin with Carl Philipp. Quentin had a cabin alone across from Baba's, and Chanji, Kaka, Adi Jr. and Beheram shared one nearby. The voyage, however, was not pleasant. Carl immediately got seasick and proved a veritable nuisance. The boy was disobedient and self-indulgent. Quentin had to chase him from one end of the ship to the other, from the gym to the swimming pool, to get him to come to Baba when called. Carl's one thought seemed to be to enjoy himself as much as he could on this free holiday away from his parents. Baba was getting fed up with the boy's mischievousness and decided to send him back home at the first opportunity. Although Carl had been brought for Baba's work, Quentin had to serve him night and day! It was always the case with whatever "ideal boy" was brought by the mandali.

Many passengers on the ship came to see Baba and, surprisingly, he met them all. After four days at sea, they arrived in Honolulu on the 9th at eight in the morning and stayed at the grand Moana Hotel on Kalakaua Avenue, for two days. Rustom, whom Baba had called from China, met them at the dock. Since it was the first time that the Monterey had sailed, there was an exceptionally large crowd to meet the ship, including the Royal Hawaiian Band and the steamship officials.

After a private meeting with Rustom, Baba decided to send him to Australia and New Zealand that same night on the Monterey.

After resting for two hours at the hotel, Baba and the group went to the Coconut Grove in the gardens of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (which was next to the Moana) and saw a splendid performance by native Hawaiian dancers and singers. Afterward, they took a long drive outside the city to some pineapple groves, where they drank copious amounts of pineapple juice.

Later, back at the hotel, Baba called Quentin to his room and spelled out, "Carl's behavior is getting worse. I am sending him back to Los Angeles on Saturday. He will return and speak against us!

"I want you to return to California and inform all there of a change in my plans.

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