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Baba then went to his room, and the visitors were served tea and refreshments while Adi Jr. and Beheram entertained them with Indian music. This procedure was repeated for each of the four batches.

Before going to bed the first night, Baba related to Quentin, "I am not happy here." Outwardly, Baba was restless and ill at ease. Adding to his discomfort, Meredith insisted that he be allowed to sleep in Baba's room. Baba allowed him to do this for two nights, although he did not like it.

Quentin Tod, being an accomplished actor, was influential in arranging many of Baba's contacts in Hollywood. The following is a synopsis of Meher Baba's one week visit to Hollywood in 1932: 

Sunday, May 29
8:30 A.M. Arrive Alhambra, drive to Hollywood
1:00 P.M. Reception for the press and news services
7:00 P.M. Reception for leaders of local groups

Monday, May 30
9:30 A.M. Private interviews until noon
2:00 P.M. Reception for Sabian Assembly students of Marc Edmund Jones
Evening: Visit to Dr. Farid's house

Tuesday, May 31
9:30 to 10:30 A.M. Private interviews
11:00 A.M. Visit to Paramount Studios
2:00 P.M. Visit to 20th Century Fox and Universal Film Studios
3:30 P.M. Reception for local ministers and religious heads (and a few private interviews)
8:30 P.M. Public reception at the Knickerbocker Hotel

Wednesday, June 1
9:30 A.M. Private interviews until noon
2:00 P.M. Visit to Metro Goldwyn Mayer Film Studios
3:30 P.M. Reception for the faculty of Occidental College (where Jones was enrolled)
8:30 P.M. Private reception at Pickfair in Beverly Hills

Thursday, June 2
9:30 A.M. Private interviews until noon
2:00 P.M. Private interviews until 4:00 P.M.
4:00 P.M. Drive to Santa Monica
Evening: Dinner at Tallulah Bankhead's house
8:00 P.M. Visit to Grauman's Chinese Theater

Friday, June 3
Daytime: Interviews
At night: Drive through Los Angeles

Saturday, June 4
Daytime: Lunch with Marie Dressler
At night: Leave Hollywood on board the Monterey

Baba was so busy during his brief Hollywood stay that the mandali with him rarely had more than four hours of sleep at night.

On 30 May 1932, Baba took a drive to see the surrounding countryside and was particularly anxious to go to Beverly Hills to make contact with those prominent in the film industry. The first person he met was a friend of Quentin's named May Beatty, 52, a New Zealand actress who came to see him that evening.

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