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The train arrived in El Paso, Texas, the next day at 8:45 in the morning and Baba got down at the station. He had a 20-minute walk before proceeding to Tucson, Arizona, which was reached at 5:20 that evening.

America, 1932

Reaching Los Angeles at 8:30 A.M. on Sunday, 29 May 1932, Baba went to stay at the home of Priscilla and Marc Edmund Jones, at 2400 North Gower Street in Hollywood. Jones, 43, was a former screenwriter and a noted astrologist, who founded the Sabian Assembly, a spiritual study group. He and his wife were sincere seekers. Jones had become friends with Malcolm Schloss when he taught astrology in New York City in the 1920s. Malcolm had invited Jones to meet Baba in Harmon the previous year, but Jones had been unable to make the trip and instead invited Baba to be his houseguest if Baba were ever in California. Baba accepted the invitation.

Prior to Baba's arrival, Jones wrote to Baba:

[We] gladly seek to serve you during your stay, not in serving a man of flesh and blood but in contributing to an inflow of peace and power in a world sadly torn for lack of a genuine activation.

... We hope that you will bring a blessing to our genuine efforts for the Great Ideal, and that we will be able to carry on with a spiritual power and a physical potency which would not have been possible but for your coming. And we hope that it may be our privilege to hallow your introduction to Southern California, so that we may be of real and appreciable spiritual aid to you in the beautiful task and mission which we feel to be yours. We regard your coming as significant, and for it we are preparing with devotion and zealous anticipation.

When he arrived, Baba told them, "When illumination becomes clear, you won't find fault with anyone. The Time is near when America will have to accept spirituality."

Chanji, Quentin and Meredith stayed with Baba at the Joneses' home. Kaka, Adi Jr. and Beheram stayed at the nearby apartment of one of Joneses' students. Jean, Malcolm, Margaret Starr, and the others invited by Baba stayed at the Mission Hotel.

Baba remained in Hollywood for seven hectic days, each packed full of interviews and receptions. Norina and Elizabeth had driven all the way from New York to help in arranging Baba's schedule.

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