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Finding out about her financial and other hardships, Baba remarked to Nadine, "I will repay you for all your suffering. I will give you permanent bliss. You will see things as they are, as you can see things now, here, in this incarnation. You are a beautiful soul, and one day will receive what your father-in-law had longed for — oneness with God."

The next day, Nadine brought her husband Ilya, 66, the son of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and himself an author. Ilya asked Baba, "How can one love when there is so much evil in this world?"

Baba answered, "You have to take love into your heart. You are a fine man; soon you will understand."

Ilya, too, was deeply impressed upon seeing Baba and wept. Returning home, he confided to his friends, "It was the first time in my life that I met someone in the flesh who was like Jesus. I felt his divine influence and was assured of his help. It was the first time in my life that I met a man who has divine love!" Ilya was to die a year and a half later, but his death freed Nadine to journey to India to be with Baba, as her close discipleship with the Master developed. 

Another woman who met Baba in New York was Agnes Bourne. "It was a moment of great love," she later recalled. Baba was holding some violets when she went in to see him. Reading her thoughts, he handed them to her. Agnes had unknowingly dropped her glove during her interview, and when she got up to leave, Baba called her back, kissed the glove and gave it to her.

During the private interviews, Anita was stationed near the door to let people in and out. She noticed that as one person left, Baba washed his hands. After the next interview, Baba again washed his hands. Anita remarked, "Baba,you just washed your hands; why do you have to wash them again?"

Baba explained, "You only see the physical dirt, but if were you to see what I see, you would understand."

On Friday, 20 May 1932, Baba went sightseeing by car around the city with the mandali and saw the Empire State Building. He met many people that day, including, Joseph John Bass, 40, who had been introduced to Baba through Norina. John Bass was to become a lifelong disciple of the Master. Elizabeth Patterson's parents, Simeon B. Chapin and his wife Elizabeth, also met Baba that day. Elizabeth's mother had loaned the group $5,000 interest-free to help fund Baba's trip, and her father was one day to donate over 500 hundred acres of land in South Carolina to be used as a center for the Master's work.

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