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I have become one with the infinite Source of everything. This is the state of Christ consciousness. If people call me the Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, it does not affect me. Terms and names do not matter. What really matters is the state of Christ consciousness that I eternally enjoy and towards which I shall lead all who come to me. When I speak, my original message will be delivered to the world and it will have to be accepted.

The ability to perform miracles does not necessarily connote high spirituality. Anyone who has reached the Christ consciousness can perform them. People must not come to me merely for help in their physical infirmities or for material purposes. I shall perform miracles when the time and situation demand and not to satisfy mere idle curiosity. Spiritual healing is by far the greatest healing, and this is what I intend to give. The highest is latent in everyone, but has to be manifested.

The reporters wanted to photograph Baba, but he did not allow it then. During the disembarkation at the 58th Street pier in Brooklyn that same day at 1:00 P.M., however, photographs of him dictating on the alphabet board were taken. Baba looked magnificent, dressed in a plush jacket, grey linen trousers and white shoes. Several people were observing this scene aboard the ship, and surrounded Baba as he slowly made his way down the gangplank and through the crowd. "New York was the first city in America to see the Smiling Sun," Age proclaimed, "and this Sun will always remain smiling in the heart of this land of freedom."

arriving in America, 1932

Norina, Jean and Malcolm, Graham Stokes, Anita, Nadine, Elizabeth and her husband and a few others were at the pier to receive Baba. Kenneth Patterson drove Baba to Greenwich Village to the home of Graham and Lettice Stokes, and the others followed in taxis. Staying with the Master at the Stokeses' were Adi Jr., Quentin, Meredith and Margaret. The other mandali (Kaka, Ghani, Chanji and Beheram) stayed at the Albert Hotel.

Malcolm and Jean had worked tirelessly to publicize the Master's second visit to America. They had sent letters announcing Baba's coming to about 800 people on their mailing list from their North Node bookshop. They had also contacted editors, publication houses and news agencies, in an effort to publicize Baba's visit. Two weeks prior to Baba's visit, Time magazine had published an article with Baba's photograph with the caption "... bringing the infinite state to Harmon." Part of the article, titled "God on the Hudson," read:

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