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Baba urged them not to pay attention to Meredith's remark that they were "unbalanced." "I pity him for his misunderstanding," Baba said. "You should not mind whatever Meredith may say, knowing that he was instrumental in bringing you to me. But remember you should always obey me and not Meredith."

Baba then praised their individual qualities: Kitty — a selfless worker for Baba and always seeing to his happiness; Kim — for her deep love and resolve of sacrifice; Delia — her silent faithfulness; Minta — longing to be with Baba all the time and resolve of self-surrenderance.

On Saturday evening, 7 May 1932, after ten days in Lugano, the group left and arrived in Paris the next morning at nine o'clock. They stayed on the fifth floor of the Hotel Powers. Kim and Minta became intensely jealous of each other and, alone in her room, Minta again tried to commit suicide, but she was stopped and Baba comforted her.

Baba and a few companions went for a long taxi ride all through the city of Paris during the day. That night, Baba went to the Folies Bergère with Kim and Delia, while the mandali went to a movie with Minta.

They left Paris for Boulogne at 8:30 in the morning on the 9th, and traveled from there by ferry to Folkestone and on to London, arriving at half past three in the afternoon. Kim, Minta, and Delia cried constantly at the thought of separation from Baba. Kitty and Margaret had gone ahead from Paris to arrange Baba's stay at the Fellowship Club at 46 Lancaster Gate. Due to the false reports in the newspapers, Kitty's parents had felt it would be better if Baba stayed elsewhere this time.  Kitty met Baba in Dover at the Lord Warden Hotel, and escorted him to London. She and Margaret stayed with him and the mandali on the fifth floor of the lodging at Lancaster Gate.

While in London, people again came to meet Baba despite the adverse publicity published while he had been in Switzerland. Kitty felt bad about the false reports in John Bull, but Baba told her, "It is trash. Ignore it. Don't take any notice of it." And he added, "I enjoy this situation. I like it. It quickens and gives a force to my work."

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