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Age saluted the father of the Ancient One: "Dear Sheriarji, the world will remember you always and learn a lesson from your life of renunciation. By leaving Persia and migrating to India, listening to the Divine Voice and being the earthly father of the Avatar, your life of fakiri gained everything. You attained That for which you were restless throughout your life — Yezdan, Yezdan, Yezdan! Our deepest salutations to you, Sheriarji. You have won! You gained salvation and acquired all! The fragrant flower of our love is at your feet!"

A letter from Buasaheb in Nasik was also received in Lugano, indicating that he intended to return to Persia. Baba had Herbert cabled in China, instructing him to send Vishnu and Raosaheb back to Nasik to help run the Circle Cinema and Sarosh Motor Works, as Rustom, too, was in China. Baba also asked Adi Sr. to return to Nasik from London, instead of proceeding with him to America.

That evening, all went to a concert of Spanish music. Baba enjoyed the music and accompanying dancers.

At 1:30 in the afternoon of Thursday, 5 May 1932, they went by bus on another outing to the village of Cademario where they played games. Baba was in a good mood, but back at their hotel, he took very little supper, complaining of a constant pain in his stomach and a feeling of nausea. Adi Sr. and Kaka went to the market to buy a bottle of sarsaparilla to help his digestion.

Whenever the Master was in his room resting, any noise whatsoever was forbidden. From the very beginning when Meher Baba established himself as a Spiritual Master and gathered disciples, a watchman would always be at Baba's side at night to see that there was not the slightest disturbance. Baily, Arjun and Masaji had this duty in India at first, and thereafter Chhagan was the night watchman. During Baba's many journeys, any of the mandali would be appointed as night watchman, and this duty was now being done by Kaka.

Some of Baba's Western followers may have been wondering whether or not the Master slept at all at night.

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