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Afterward, they listened to phonograph records. Baba liked the rumbas and asked Margaret to improvise dances on the spot in front of some of the locals. Kim, a trained opera singer, sang a few Negro spirituals. In the evenings, usually they would go to a movie or other show, and they once saw a group of Spanish dancers, whom Baba especially enjoyed watching. They went to another movie that night.

The next day, 2 May, Baba explained to them:

The path of love is not strewn with roses. It is full of thorns, and on entering it, kissing the thorns creates great misery. But it is extremely necessary. If you have boils, a surgeon cuts them open, giving you pain; but this pain is for your own good. And for that, the doctor is unmindful of your suffering.

I do the same. I want you all to be eternally happy. I am working in my own way for that end. My work creates this suffering and jealousy, but I never expected that my Kimco would not understand this. Now that I see the situation, I will not work as I do, because you do not understand.

The group replied, "But we understand it, Baba, and we want you to have your wish. We want to keep your pleasure and not ours."

Hearing this, Baba motioned for all to leave except Minta, and he took great pains to explain all this over again to her. She and Kim were still envious of one another, as they both wanted to do Baba's personal work, such as washing his clothes, cleaning his room and combing his hair.

Baba called the others back, remarking, "I am testing each here, in turn, for future work. I am watching how you take it when called upon by the Master to suffer." To Kitty, he remarked, "You have stood the test well."

The weather in Lugano had been dreary and the sun had not been seen for days. Baba observed, "I seem to bring bad weather with me. Maya is doing her best to prevent me from enjoying my rest. But I will turn the key and make the sun shine for at least one day."

To get some relief from Lugano's weather, Kitty arranged a boat trip to Mt. Generoso. They left the hotel at nine the following morning, Tuesday, 3 May 1932. The majestic scenery of the mountains and lake was beautiful.

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