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The 'umbrella' [sanskaras] will be gradually closed as a result of my nazar [glance, grace].

After a week's stay, Baba left Devonshire at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday, 24 April 1932. Baba arrived in London accompanied by Adi Sr., Minta, Kim, Mabel, Margaret and Kitty, and stayed at the Davys' house. The other mandali (who had left Devonshire the day before) stayed at Stephanie Haggard's home. All the birds flew back to find refuge in Baba, including a woman named Phyllis who had met Baba at Devonshire the previous year.

Baba sent a telegram to Herbert Davy in China on 25 April: "Great work has been done here. Greater ahead in America."

Tom Sharpley's mother came to see Baba on the 26th. Baba remarked that she was a very fortunate soul and revealed, "Two thousand years ago, she had sheltered Jesus in her home for two days."

That evening, Margaret, Mabel, Quentin and others enacted a humorous play for Baba's enjoyment. Baba also went to see Chinatown that same night in a hired Pullman bus, accompanied by a group of 20, but they did not stay long. They had tea in a Chinese restaurant and then returned. "Perhaps Baba wished to contact people in that part of London," Chanji speculated in his diary.

On 27 April, Baba entrained for Lugano, Switzerland, at 11:00 A.M. with the six mandali (Adi Jr., Beheram, Chanji, Ghani, Kaka, Adi Sr.), Kitty, Minta, Kim and Delia. Arriving in Paris at 6:15 that evening, they went to see the Eiffel Tower and then returned to the railway station.

For some time, Minta and Kim both had wanted to be the Master's personal attendant. This gave rise to strife between them and, though Baba had allotted separate duties to each, their jealousy did not subside. Their natures, too, seemed to be at odds: Kim's amusing chatter was entertaining to Baba, whereas Minta would often express her love emotionally by kissing and embracing Baba.

Finally, all this inner turmoil resulted in a loud fight at the Paris railway station, and Baba had to calm them. They each wished the other would not meddle in any of Baba's work. Finding Kim doing Baba's personal work and herself excluded from it, Minta took it so badly she quietly went up to the third floor of the train station, determined to jump out the window! None of the persons present knew this, but the All-knowing One sent Adi Sr. to find her.

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