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Krishnamurti replied from Ojai, California, on 18 March 1932:

It is very good of you to have sent me newspaper clippings regarding Meher Baba. I do not see how I can write to him as I have nothing to say to him, but I hope I shall meet him sometime, either in India or in Europe. I hope you understand that it is not rudeness on my part not to correspond with him, but I really have nothing to say. After meeting in person, perhaps we can correspond with each other.

Henry James Forman (a reporter for the New York Times who had met Baba in New York City the previous November) was enlisted to help publicize Baba's cause, but he expressed his opinion that Baba should not be referred to in print as the Avatar, Messiah or a God-Man. Malcolm strongly disagreed. In a letter to Forman, Malcolm wrote: "This is just what we must do, for that is what [Baba] is. We are not dealing with a Hindu yogi or pundit. We are dealing with the Lord of the Universe, and the sooner we recognize it, the better for us." 

To Frederick L. Collins, a writer, whose services Malcolm was attempting to secure as a press representative, he wrote:

After all, if you had been the editor of Jerusalem's largest weekly at the time John baptized Jesus in the waters of the Jordan, what would you have given for an advance statement from Jesus regarding his approaching period of public manifestation?

There is a parallel between that and Shri Meher Baba's sailing for America on the 24th of March ...

Baba and the mandali went to the home of Maud Foulds on the evening of 12 April 1932 accompanied by Kitty. An ardent seeker, Mrs. Foulds was also eager to arrange a meeting between Baba and Krishnamurti. "Krishnamurti would like very much to meet you," she had informed Baba when she met him at Kitty's on the 9th.

Baba once related to Norina: "Krishnamurti possesses great possibilities within himself. He is on the right path, but he will not fulfill himself or become truly great as long as he does not come to visit me." No meeting, however, ever took place.

When Baba was sitting for the final session with the sculptor Edward Merrett on Wednesday, 13 April 1932, a newspaper reporter came to watch and asked Baba:

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