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In the others, he created the longing to hear the song. The group would often sit around Baba in perfect silence. It was a wonderful time as recalled by Kim: "We lived only in the light and love of his wondrous being. And the silence was fuller than any music, any poem, any scripture — silence filled with love and light, revealing the true meaning of life. Love made flesh was dwelling among us."

Many years later, Kim related: "It is difficult to convey the effect Baba had on the early English devotees. His sight blotted out, as it were, everything else. I think it was Plato who said something to the effect that when the sun shines one doesn't see the stars. We all lived in an enchanted world in which nothing existed save the Beloved."

On Wednesday, 30 September 1931, Baba went to the studio of a Japanese photographer named Kinye Imai to have his picture taken.  The six portraits he took of Baba turned out superbly and were treasured by his lovers.

During one evening in London, Baba attended a concert of the BBC Symphony Orchestra at Queen's Hall, but he did not enjoy the classical music. At intermission, Baba was taken backstage to meet the conductor Sir Henry J. Wood, 62, who had expressed a wish to meet him. Kitty knew Sir Henry, as she taught piano to his two daughters.

On the morning of 1 October, Baba and a group visited the London Zoo. That night, Baba and the group went to the Piccadilly Theater to see the play Folly to be Wise.

May continued to be skeptical about Baba and told Kitty, "You are being hypocritical by shedding tears. You unreasonably go on weeping just to show your love for Baba. It is not love, but a sham and show. It is all humbug! It upsets me to witness such hypocrisy."

Upset by her sister's accusation, Kitty told Baba about it. On the 1st, Baba called May and explained to her, "It is no pretense. The tears that you see are the outcome of Kitty's love which she cannot prevent."

Baba then warned May, "You will also start loving me within two days." May burst out laughing and did not believe him. But that night when she was with Baba along with the others, she suddenly burst into tears which she could not control for three hours. This inexplicable experience humbled her.

The following day, Baba traveled about London by taxi, attending to errands with Aga Ali, Chanji and Meredith. They went first to the American Embassy for their visas to the United States, where Baba was required only to sign an "X" on the application form, as he preferred not to sign his name. (Baba's occupation was listed as "Spiritual Teacher," Chanji's as "Secretary" and Ali as "servant.")

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