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He has a great sense of fun and is said to be a first-rate cricketer. He combines the simplicity of a child with the wisdom of the ages. Although he does not speak but communicates by means of an alphabet board, I have had several conversations with him. But to talk with him is not the important matter. It is sufficient to be in the same place.

On the 14th, for half an hour Baba explained to Watson about the different stages of the development of the mind and described how the mind experiences the universe. Baba indicated, "When our sight turns within, then the search for God begins. To attain Godhood, two things are required: first, pure conduct, and second, ideal service rendered selflessly."

Watson asked, "What can I do? I am too old and feeble to render much service; but I can help in the other way you suggest."

Baba gestured, "Don't worry. I will instruct you."

After lunch, Baba went for a walk along the cliffs by the seashore. Various persons in the group collected driftwood as souvenirs. In the evening Meredith read out his poems in a sonorous tone (each followed by a few minutes of silence).

Another fortunate devotee to meet the Master that day was Katherine Anna Tolhurst, 26. Kim, as she was called, was an intelligent, red-haired young woman; she was interested in Buddhism and was studying judo under Koizumi, a martial arts teacher who had met Baba in London. Koizumi had spoken to Kim, telling her about Meher Baba, Meredith Starr and of the ashram in Devonshire. "This is something that will interest you," Koizumi assured her. Kim wrote to Meredith that she was a seeker who had always hoped to find the real answers in life.

Kim once recalled the sequence of events that followed:

Meredith wrote back that he felt I was ready for whatever the ashram retreat had to offer and vaguely mentioned that a Master was coming. Anyway, I went absolutely unprepared for what was going to happen. There was enormous excitement the night Baba arrived, though I didn't see him or any of the others with him.

The next evening, Meredith said to me, "Shri Meher Baba has arrived and I would like you to go see him." Well, I went upstairs to his little room, which resembled a monastic cell. (It was really a very old farmhouse with walls that were several feet thick.) Baba was seated on a bed robed in white.

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