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All great founders of religions were born in the East, and it is to the East that the people of the world must continue to look for spiritual light.

Brunton thought this over for a moment and then said, "Europe is hard and skeptical. How can you convert unfamiliar peoples to your brand of belief? The average Westerner will tell you that it is impossible and very likely laugh at you for your pains!"

Baba remarked:

Ah, you do not realize how changed the times will be. Once I publicly announce myself as the Avatar, no one will be able to withstand my power! I shall openly perform miracles as proof of my mission, not to satisfy idle curiosity, but to convince the skeptically-minded.

When the conversation ended, Brunton admitted that he did not understand why Meher Baba was confining himself inside a stone cave when there was a well-structured building to abide in; but he was impressed by what Baba revealed to him.

During his final interview on the 24th, Brunton asked Baba, "How do you know you are the Messiah?"

Dictating from his board, Baba replied:

I know! I know it so well. You know that you are a human being, and I know that I am the Avatar. It is my whole life! My bliss never stops!

You never mistake yourself for some other person; so I cannot mistake who I am. I have a divine mission to fulfill and I will do it! My manifestation will occur in the near future, but I cannot give you the exact date.

"There are others who claim to be the Messiah," said Brunton.

Baba smiled, and then remarked:

Yes, there is Krishnamurti, Mrs. Besant's protégé. The Theosophists deceive themselves. Their chief wire-pullers are supposed to be somewhere on the Himalayas in Tibet. You will find nothing there but dust and stones. Besides, no real Spiritual Master ever required someone else's body for his own use. Such thinking is ridiculous!

Baba then commented about America:

America has a tremendous future and will become a spiritually-minded nation. Whenever I visit a place and stay there, however short a time, its spiritual atmosphere becomes greatly elevated — and I intend to visit America.

Baba ended his meeting with Brunton by urging him, "Go to the West as my representative! Spread my name as that of the coming Divine Messenger. Work for me and you will then be working for the good of mankind."

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