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Baba then directed Baidul to return to Persia after resting in Meherabad for a few months and instructed him further about trying to bring Aga Ali back to India. Buasaheb was sent to Poona the same day, and Nusserwan and Kaka Chinchorkar came to see Baba.

On the 6th, Padri and Vishnu brought in a bundle of clothes belonging to the deceased Sadhu Christian Leik (who had died six months before), and Baba distributed the garments among the men. Baba offered a pair of trousers to Raosaheb, who reluctantly said that he had enough pants. His reply displeased Baba, as it was only an excuse, because Raosaheb did not like the idea of wearing someone else's clothing. Baba angrily ordered him, "Put on those trousers right now!"

Raosaheb replied that they were too small. Baba gestured, "Even if they don't fit, when I offer you something, you should accept it humbly. You people have to learn humility! Don't answer back like that! Don't go on repeating, 'This is useless ... That is not right.' Why are you so proud?"

Irritated, Raosaheb left Baba's presence in a huff. After a short while, Baba sent Chhagan with a garland of flowers for Raosaheb. This enraged Raosaheb even more and he exclaimed to Chhagan, "Pir, wali, Sadguru, murshid! All have left and only Baba remains, but he is beating us with brooms today. Has it affected us in any way? We are still as we were." (Raosaheb's comments meant that, even though they had accepted Meher Baba as the sole spiritual authority, he would goad his disciples like this, which they had to endure — and they did not appear to be progressing spiritually)

Chhagan returned and informed Baba about what Raosaheb had said. Baba sent for Raosaheb and reprimanded him, "You animal, why is there so much pride in you? What do you mean by saying such things? No one has left! All Sadgurus are where they were. It is you who are leaving them. It is no use throwing dust at the sun! It will hurt your own eyes. If you strike glass on a stone, it is the glass which will break into pieces — not the stone.

"It is not easy using a broom! If I don't use it, how else will your anger be removed? When I use my broom, you have seen how all your dirt [lust, greed and anger] is swept away."

Raosaheb clarified his feelings, "I have no objection to putting on anyone else's clothing, but from childhood I have been taught that it is wrong."

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