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Adi reported the news that Sadhu Christian Leik had recently expired. Leik had returned from his tour of India on 16 October in an emaciated and debilitated condition and stayed at Akbar Press. He was moved to Meherabad two days later, seriously ill and extremely weak. He died at 5:15 P.M. on 29 October, and was buried at ten the next morning in the Christian cemetery in Ahmednagar (the same one where Nelmes was buried). 

Baba stayed at a private house in Nasik that had been specially rented for him called Gyas Manzil. He described his journey to the women mandali and Rustom's family, fondly recalling the darshan programs held in Persia and the devotion of the people there, especially in Yezd.

Soon after the Master's return, many people began approaching Baba for his darshan. Jalbhai, Kaka Baria, Ramjoo, Ghani, Dastur, Nusserwan, and others came to Nasik to report on various activities. Baba instructed the mandali that they were to stay with him in Nasik, and only the Bomanji family were to remain in Meherabad.

On Sunday, 17 November, Baba went with Gulmai, Rustom, Vishnu, Padri, Chhagan, Dastur, Adi Sr. and Jalbhai to Tapovan, a forested area near the outskirts of Nasik where people have meditated and performed penances and fasts for centuries.  There Baba stated, "Due to my spiritual work, I wish to be free from all responsibilities for some time, especially from financial matters. If anyone can shoulder this burden, it will be helpful to my work." Rustom had opened a branch of Sarosh Motor Works in Nasik and presented a plan to employ all the men in the garage. Baba agreed and proposed that the schoolboys be trained as automobile mechanics, as well.

The next day, Baba joked to the mandali, "If I find any one of you sleeping this afternoon, I will pour water in your ear." The previous night none had slept, so some were feeling drowsy after lunch and slipped away to take a nap. Quietly sneaking up on those men sleeping, Baba carried out his threat and poured a little water in their ears. He then dictated, "Times are good, and times are bad. He who holds fast to me will win."

Baba informed the men: "I have decided that those at Meherabad should come to stay at Nasik. Most will have to work in Rustom's motor works."

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