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"That means you know more than I do!" Baba snapped. "Has your father ever driven a bus?"

"My father was a driver and now I am one, too!" 

"You have the features of an animal," Baba exclaimed. "You look like a giraffe! Besides being tall, you talk quite tall!" Padri stopped the bus.

As Baba continued teasing him, Padri stood up to leave. Baba motioned to him, "I will beat you soundly and tie you up so you won't be able to leave. Now sit down, stupid!"

After the situation calmed down and the tension was diffused, Baba led the group to visit the Malegaon bazaar. At one point, they stopped for tea at a restaurant. Padri was still steaming inside and refused the tea, personally given by Baba. Baba handed him a cup, forcing him to drink.

After tea, Baba asked the men, "Now where should we proceed?" They discussed it and settled on Yeola. They drove there, and after driving around the town, camped under a tree for the night. They left for Aurangabad the next morning, 24 August.

Reaching the Ellora Caves at three in the afternoon, Baba sat alone in one of the caves for about fifteen minutes, after which they proceeded. Baba wanted to go on to Pandharpur, a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, but after inquiry it was learned there was no passable road to Pandharpur, and going there would necessitate crossing a river which would be extremely difficult in a bus.

Baba decided to rest for the night and had the bus parked in a grove of trees near Jalna. Due to the rains, the ground was wet and so they couldn't take down and spread out their beddings and had to sleep inside. Chanji kept watch near Baba during the night.

On the morning of Sunday, 25 August 1929, Baba discussed visiting several other places. However, it was decided to proceed to Nasik, which they reached at 8:45 that night. The journey came to an abrupt end for the three boys; Baba decided to send Aga Ali, Ali Akbar and Chhota Baba with Raosaheb to Quetta. Baba and the mandali went to see them off at the railway station the next day, and it was a very touching sight to see Baba tightly embrace the three boys.

After returning from the station, Baba remarked, "I feel for Aga Ali. For a long time, day and night, I kept him so close to me and now I have sent him thousands of miles away. My lahar is truly wonderful! And now I feel for him. Why? Because he will feel the separation so much. The arrows of his pain already prick and pain me!"

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