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Unless all the experiences and sanskaras of this course are wiped out totally, there is no chance of Realization for the disciple; and only a Perfect Master can do that.

Giving an analogy of a water-diviner (a person who locates where a well should be dug), Baba said:

There are five types of men: those who are water-diviners, those who know the water-diviners, those who use a machine to test for water, those who begin digging a well, and those who, in order to drink water, go to a well.

The water-diviners are the Perfect Masters and God-realized beings; they know that water (love) will be found in a particular area and they lead others to the spot. Those who know the water-diviners are their disciples and lovers, and they eventually find water by following the instructions of the water-diviners whose knowledge is sure. There are others who rely on machines (their minds) to try to find water. Still others begin digging a well with no test at all — first in one place and then in another — following one Master and then another from place to place. Still others do not even begin to search for water. They only drink water when they find it in a well; in other words, they don't even try to look for it.

Therefore, to be sure to strike water (gain true love and knowledge), find the water-diviner who is certain to lead you to it, and stick to him.

Someone asked about yoga, to which Baba replied:

The state that comes from yoga is like a state of intoxication. It is like a drunken man whose thoughts have no sum or substance. So create the longing and have the thirst, all the time thinking: "O God, when will I meet You? When will I meet You?" And to have such thirst, create love.

While Baba and the group were in Dhulia, there were daily programs of house visits, darshan, bhajan singing and spiritual discourses. Baba liked the area and began looking for a suitable place for a longer stay. He particularly liked a spot on the property of Mr. Garud, and this sincere person did not hesitate to dedicate the land for Baba's use. Baba directed Kalemama to erect a hut for him there. Baba also visited K. K. Manekar's residence, where he had dinner on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, news arrived from Nasik that Kaikhushru Masa was still being held prisoner by his relatives in Bombay, and no one connected with Meher Baba was allowed to see him.

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