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Baba himself took on the work of bathing the boys, washing their clothes, and sweeping their quarters. Jalbhai, Pleader, and Karim were his helpers, although their only duty consisted in keeping boiling water ready for Baba and handing him the filled buckets when he bathed the boys. Everything else Baba insisted on doing himself. That day the school was reopened. The boys had been on a week's holiday since Baba's birthday. Beheram returned from Poona (where he had escorted Memo after the birthday) and he became the superintendent of the Prem Ashram.

Two days later, Meherjee returned to Meherabad. He was planning to travel to Persia to work and wished to have Baba's darshan and permission before departing. The proprietor of a firm had offered him a salary of Rs.60 per month, but Baba advised him not to accept the job. After some days, the proprietor approached Meherjee with an enhanced offer of Rs.100. Meherjee went back to Meherabad to inform Baba. This time Baba allowed him to accept the job. Before Meherjee departed, Baba remarked, "You may go and I will follow you. My nazar is on you." Meherjee left for Persia as a lowly employee, but returned to India sixteen years later as a prosperous businessman.

At noon in the dining hall on the 24th, Baba spoke admiringly of Sadhu Leik and made these remarks about him: "He is the member of the circle about whom I have been speaking often. He is a real man. There is a world of difference between Meredith Starr and Sadhu Leik. They are poles apart. Starr, however, was instrumental in bringing him here."

Baba concluded with this comment: "The real one comes; the unreal goes!"

During the last week of February 1929, a Meher Ashram boy named Genu Chambhar fell ill with pneumonia and his condition grew serious. Day and night Baba nursed him and arranged the best treatment for him from Dr. Sathe. The boy was even moved to Baba's underground crypt-cabin, and Baba would visit him as soon as he came up the hill at seven or eight every morning. Genu was in a state of delirium and extremely weak, but his love and devotion were so great that as soon as he saw the Master coming, he would go to him and lay his head at Baba's feet. Baba always consoled him tenderly.

Sidhu and Subnis were told to look after Genu, and his family was informed of his critical condition.

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