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Meanwhile, Gustadji's brothers, Slamson and Homi, who had been staying at Meherabad, left for Indore. 

Baba planned to walk to the town of Kolhapur via Pandharpur, but the group first walked to Ahmednagar where they stayed at Akbar Press for two days. Leaving there by truck, they traveled to Dhond, arriving on the evening of 17 January. They had to spend the night in an open space near the train station as the dak bungalow was occupied.

The next day they walked eight miles to the village of Patas where they stayed in the dak bungalow. Baba then changed his plans and instead of walking to Kolhapur, they headed toward Karad — a holy place of pilgrimage in Satara District.

At dawn on 19 January, they walked twelve miles to Rawangaon; but along the way Baba severely twisted his ankle. By the time they reached Rawangaon, Baba's leg was paining him so much that it was decided to rest there in the dak bungalow.

At midnight on Sunday, 20 January, they walked eleven miles to Diksal where they stayed in a dharamshala. Jalbhai named the group "The Bat Party," since during the entire journey, they continued to do their walking at night.

Baba's ankle was not healing, so he decided to cut the walking tour short and return to Ahmednagar. On Thursday, 24 January, they left Diksal by truck, but the truck broke down along the way, forcing them to travel from Dhond by train. They reached Akbar Press the same day.

Three days later, they returned to Meherabad — having been gone for only twelve days. Later the same day, Masaji arrived from Nasik with the women mandali, who had been called for a short visit with Baba. Baba's mood was tranquil, and he decided to end the tour for a while and stay on at Meherabad, which was quiet and deserted since most of the residents had gone.

Meanwhile, Aga Ali had managed to escape from his home in Bombay yet again, and he returned to Meherabad on 17 January, two days after Baba's walking tour had started. The mandali at Meherabad informed his father of his whereabouts, but this time Haji Muhammad had a change of heart and allowed his son to stay.

Monday, 28 January 1929 was observed as Babajan's birthday. Baba had the occasion celebrated with three hours of singing and dancing by the local villagers.

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